Wholesale Ordering

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Wholesale prices is the full cost of the delivered product, inclusive of any shipping and transaction fees.


Typical processing time for all orders of the Original products at the minimum order quantity is 2-3 days.


Quantity based discounts are available. Consult the individual product page.

STARTER Packs & REFILL packs

Ship Within 2-3 days

Ideal for up-selling in any place, big or small. The STARTER pack comes with a wood Display stand that will fit on any counter, bar or set of shelves. To replenish the Display stand, choose a standard REFILL kit, or go for the MIX & Match refill kit to handpick each product in your order.


Original Bamboo Step products

Ship Within 2-3 days

Order the Minimum Quantity of any specific Bamboo Straw kit at the wholesale price.


Customization options

Request a timeframe here.

Create a memorable gift to promote your business or celebrate an event. Here are some custom options for the Bamboo Step Kits. Bamboo Straws are customized by laser engraving of a Logo and/or Text. The packaging of the kit can also be custom branded.

Aside of these options, you can always come to us with your more specific ideas here.